Toshiba launches load switch IC with low ON resistance

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched the TCK20xG load switch series, which feature what is says is the industry’s lowest ON resistance of just 18.4mO at an input voltage of only 0.75V. The switches are suitable for use as power management switch ICs in smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile equipment.

Growing demand from customers for smaller, lighter devices with increased battery life has increased the importance of efficient power management units in mobile devices. As a result these power management units require peripheral switching components that feature low power consumption and low loss operation while requiring a minimum of board space. Efficient chips operating with lower core voltages further support increased battery life, generating a need for low voltage switching.

The new TCK20xG load switch IC series is able to support all of these requirements, with low voltage operation provided with a minimum input voltage of 0.75V and output current handling up to 2A. The typical standby and quiescent currents in the range of 1µA and 20µA together with the minimum ON resistance ensure switch IC operation with minimal power consumption and loss.

There are three models in the series – the TCK206G, TCK207G and TCK208G – offering different output discharge and control pin configurations. The TCK207G and TCK208G feature an integrated output discharge function, with “active high” and “active low” control pin, respectively, whereas the TCK206G omits the discharge function offering a pull down (active high) control pin. All three versions have additional integrated features like a reverse current blocking circuit and a control circuit with inrush current limitation.

Housed in ultra-small WCSP4C packaging, the devices measure just 0.9mm x 0.9mm x 0.5mm. Samples are now available to request and mass production will start in first half of 2014.

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