Toshiba expands image recognition processors line-up

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its line-up of image recognition processors with the launch of the TMPV760 series. Supported by 14 hardware-based image recognition accelerators, the first device in this new series will support the implementation of next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADASs). The TMPV7608XBG supports standard ADAS features such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition), LDW (Lane Departure Warning) / LKA (Lane Keeping Assist), HBA (High Beam Assistance), FCW (Forward Collision Warning).

It also supports a number of new applications that will become part of the Euro NCAP testing program in 2018, including TLR (Traffic Light Recognition), and pedestrian detection at night-time. 

ADAS applications are processed concurrently within a typical time window of 50ms inside the image recognition processor and with relatively low power consumption due to the purpose-built hardware accelerators and media processing units.

The TMPV7608XBG integrates two new Enhanced CoHOG accelerators[1] that provide far higher image recognition accuracy especially in low light and night-time conditions. The device greatly improves night-time pedestrian detection rates using colour-based gradient analysis of images supplied by Full HD (2 megapixel) connected cameras. 

In addition, the TMPV7608XBG supports a SfM (Structure from Motion) accelerator[2] that detects objects not part of a pre-defined library. 

Toshiba’s new processor can handle multiple applications simultaneously in real time using its Heterogeneous Multi-Core architecture. The device features newly-integrated image processing accelerators and eight MPEs (Media Processing Engines) supported by FPUs (Floating Point Units) that perform double precision floating point arithmetic calculations.

The chip is housed in a P-FBGA 796 ball package measuring 27mm x 27mm. Ball pitch is 0.8mm.

To ensure optimal power management, Toshiba is also launching the TC9580FTG power management IC, designed specifically for the TMPV760 series.  The IC provides all the voltages necessary for the system components and contributes in achieving the functional safety level required for the ADAS.


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