Toshiba adds power amplifier IC adopting pure MOS for car audio

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added a new high sound quality, low distortion, surface mount product, to its line-up of 4-channel power ICs for automotive applications. The new TCB001FNG is based upon a pure complementary MOS process that is derived from Toshiba’s car audio IC research and development and reduces cost.

The new product includes functions to detect and prevent abnormal noise with Toshiba’s original filtering technology. This is particularly applicable in situations when a device emitting high frequency noise such as a mobile phone is brought close to the audio system.

The TCB001FNG has a maximum output power of 45W in a 4-channel system into a 4Ω load. The supply can vary from 6V to 18V, allowing operation while the engine is idling or cranking. The comprehensive solution includes in-built functionality such as mute, standby, offset detection and short detection.

Also included are multiple protection circuits including thermal shutdown, overvoltage, short to Vcc, short to GND and output-to-output short.

Replacing the popular HZIP leaded package, the new TCB001FNG is housed in a flat HSSOP surface mount package. This package style contributes to system reliability and reduces assembly complexity and cost.

Mass production has started.

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