Tom Gregory of 6SigmaET receives the Engineering Simulation Show Awards trophy

The latest release of 6SigmaET’s powerful, intuitive and easy-to-learn thermal simulation software has been crowned Product of the Year at the Engineering Simulation Show 2015. The winners were announced during an awards ceremony held last night in Derby, England.

6SigmaET Release 9 integrates a multi-level CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solver, optimises grid generation and calculates the Navier-Stokes equations with much greater efficiency. As a result, the thermal characteristics of complex PCBs and components can be simulated within minutes. The latest version of the software also introduces improvements in functionality and the user interface which makes it even easier to create a thermal model using intelligent objects such as power supplies or heat sinks, and imported PCB and CAD data.

Chris Aldham, product manager, 6SigmaET, explained: “6SigmaET has spent three years developing this revolutionary new unstructured solver, one that removes many of the limitations of using a structured grid. Starting with a fine grid over the model, a hierarchy of increasingly coarse Cartesian grids is constructed and the solver then selects only those cells necessary to resolve the geometry so that a suitable degree of resolution is selected at all times.”

“This important recognition of our thermal simulation software by the engineering and electronics community echoes the extremely positive reactions we have received from our customers. The 6SigmaET development team will continue to optimise the multi-level grid solver, to streamline the GUI based on user feedback, and increase the range of modelling objects to ensure that our thermal simulation software becomes even more accurate, faster and easier-to-use,” commented Tom Gregory, product specialist, 6SigmaET.

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