Tiny LDO voltage regulator with ultra low quiescent current and no capacitors

New from Torex Semiconductors the XC6504 series operates within a voltage range of 1.4V ~ 6.0V and at an ultra-low supply current of only 0.6µA. The output voltage is selectable between 1.1V ~ 5.0V in 100mV increments with an output current of up to 150mA possible. The device consists of a reference voltage supply, error amplifier, driver transistor, over-current protection circuit, phase compensation circuit, and other internal components.

A ceramic or other low ESR capacitor can be used for CL, but the internal phase compensation enables stable operation even without CL. The IC is put in the stand-by mode by inputting an ‘L’ level signal to the CE pin, reducing the supply current to 0.01µA or less. In the stand-by mode, the electrical charge on CL (if used) can be discharged by an internal switch to quickly return the IC to the VSS level.

The accuracy of output voltage at the light loads that are commonly used with low supply current LDOs has been improved. Even at an output current IOUT of 1mA or less, the fluctuations of output voltage with respect to output current are very small, and the increases of output voltage are minimal even at high temperatures.

The XC6504 is available in a USPN-4B02 package measuring only 0.75mm x 0.95mm x 0.4mm as well as standard SSOT-24 and SOT-25 packages.



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