TI unveils first demonstrations of ZigBee Light Link with certified Golden Unit

TI’s CC2530 is a certified Golden Unit for ZigBee Light Link enabling developers and manufacturers to quickly build and test ZigBee Light Link products for interoperability.

TI’s ZigBee Light Link is being demonstrated at this week’s Computex in Taipei this week, showcasing a complete LED light management system using a smartphone, low cost gateway and LED devices. Direct lighting controls are being shown using an Android smartphone outfitted with a microSD card that integrates the CC2530 SoC to control lighting directly. Other demonstrations use an Android smartphone connected to a low-cost gateway (a CC2531 ZigBee USB dongle attached to a BeagleBone, the Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor-based open-source community board) to control and monitor ZigBee lighting and other devices.

“ZigBee Light Link is expected to transform the lighting industry, making it easy for non-professionals to network and control their LED lighting from smartphones, tablets, gateways and more,” said Mark Grazier, program manager of wireless sensor networks and worldwide third party developer network, TI, and ZigBee Alliance board member. “As a certified Golden Unit, TI’s CC2530 quickly enables manufacturers to productize their ZigBee Light Link devices. Additionally, with a CC2530-enabled microSD card, after-market devices can connect to ZigBee lighting delivering another path for manufacturers and consumers to embrace ZigBee-enabled LED lighting.”

The CC2530 is a SoC solution for IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee and RF4CE applications. With an integrated RF transceiver, microcontroller, in-system programmable Flash and RAM, the CC2530 enables robust wireless network nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs. Various operating modes make the CC2530 suited for systems where ultra-low-power consumption is required, such as LED lighting, and the SoC operates at temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius for industrial applications. Combined with TI’s industry-leading Z-Stack ZigBee protocol stack, the CC2530 SoC provides a robust and complete ZigBee solution for fast time to market of ZigBee devices.

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