TI enhances audio headset experience with detection and configuration switch IC

By integrating the automatic detection and switching function in a single device, the TS3A225E eliminates detection, leakage and click-pop issues caused by using discrete components in end-equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, audio docks and home audio applications.

The device has been designed to work seamlessly with the functionality of best-in-class TI audio codecs, such as TLV320AIC3262 and TLV320AIC3212. For customers who prefer only a 2×2 crosspoint switch functionality without headset-type detection, TI also offers the reduced-cost TS3A26746E. The TI switch portfolio also consists of other audio, video, USB, LAN and DDR switches.

Key features include: supports three-prong (without microphone) and four-prong (with microphone) audio headsets from all manufacturers, enhancing the user experience; detects the configuration of the microphone and ground pins on a four-prong headset and routes them appropriately via a 2×2 crosspoint switch; offers more control over system operation and debug: reports headset information over I2C interface and provides for easier mounting and routing in the system – available in both QFN and WCSP packages.

Texas Instruments

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