Thermal Transfer Sheet offers high performance alternative to Thermal Pastes

UK based ARCOL Resistors, a specialist resistor supplier, has announced the availability of its TGR200 Thermal Transfer Sheet. TGR200 is a no-shrink, 100% coverage, no mess alternative to conventional thermal pastes which can be easily trimmed to required sizes with minimal wastage.

TGR200 thermal transfer sheet is supplied as a flexible dry mat providing high performance heat transfer without the need for wasteful and messy assembly processes. The sheet offers fast, clean assembly and is capable of extended service life without degradation or shrinkage and, as it contains no oils, which also eliminates any risk of contamination.

ARCOL’s TGR200 thermal transfer sheet has been designed as an alternative to thermal compounds and is available shaped to suit industry standard resistor packages or in cut lengths, rolls or sheets to best suit the end application and speed the assembly process. TGR200 is electrically conductive and ensures a thermally efficient transfer of heat between the mounted product and heat sink, has a nominal thickness of 0.2mm but other thickness are available on request, thermal resistance of <0.7 °C/W, thermal conductivity of 3.58 W/mK and is RoHS Compliant

Alun Morgan, Technical Manager of ARCOL Resistors, comments, “Our TGR200 thermal interface material can be used as part of a thermal management design for use with any form of heat-sink. Convenient to store without degrading, simple to use in assembly, rework or service situations TGR200 is a real alternative to thermal pastes.”

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