The very latest in hair care technology

Haircare can be challenging to master as everyone’s hair is slightly different. With more coarse hair taking ore lotions and potions to tame than naturally straight hair, everyone’s budget is slightly different.

Dyson’s hair dryer

In this article, we will be providing you with some of the very latest hair care technologies that are revolutionising the way that we care for hair in the future.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

One of the biggest advancements in haircare technology is the Dyson supersonic hairdryer. With a number of settings that help to prevent damage to the hair over a prolonged period, this is the perfect hairdryer for those that are looking to reduce the amount of heat damage whilst maintaining the perfect hairstyle for your hair type. Though this should only be used sparingly to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle, this can tame your hair without inflicting to much damage as a result.

The Stem Cell Hair Implant

The very latest technology that has been developed in recent months is the stem cell hair transplant. By using a biodegradable scaffold, the stem cell can then be implanted into the donor area and begin to grow as normal hair would. Though this is not available as a hair transplant UK option or anywhere else in the world for that matter, this style of implant could soon revolutionise the process and help to potentially cure baldness forever. Though this is in the distant future at this point, this scientific discovery is likely to make baldness an issue of the past.

The Kerastase Hair Coach

If you are looking to better understand your hair type, then the use of a tool such as the Kerastase hair coach is exactly what you need. With a sensor to indicate the dryness of the hair as well as a number of sensors to detect breakage and lack of hydration, this handy tool will help to generate a score for your hair out of 100% as well as recommend fixes to get your hair as healthy as possible. Though this will take time to completely resolve, this tool is the best place to start.

LED Light Treatment

The final advancement in hair care technology that is highly beneficial is the use of at-home LED treatments. With a number of caps providing you with a salon-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home, you can begin to stimulate the hair and remove the risk of harmful bacteria from the scalp in just a few treatments. Through repeated use will be needed to give you the best possible results, this is often much cheaper than a salon alternative making it great for those that are experiencing thinning of any kind.

With this in mind, there are a number of technological advancements making caring for your hair even easier than ever before. Whether you invest in a number of at-home treatments or you just opt for the hairdryer, the choice is completely up to you. Which will you be trying first?

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