The Spectrum Electronics Group – twenty years on

Twenty years in the electronics business can be compared to a lifetime in many other industries: Continual technological evolution, radical economic changes and globalisation have all paid their part in challenging organisations in every sector of our industry to  thrive or merely survive. The Spectrum Electronics Group (a.k.a. Ismosys) has survived and today celebrates twenty years as an Integrated Sales Marketing and Operations (ISMO) business.

Focusing on the UK market specifically, managing director Nigel Watts said that the last twenty years has witnessed a revolution in the electronics industry that has affected virtually every aspect of the supply chain – from the concept of a product through to the consumption of raw materials and the production of finished goods: “Institutional OEMs such as the GEC Group, Marconi, Nortel, Psion and a plethora of others have disappeared from the industry map to be replaced by new innovators who deploy a full distributed supply chain, including outsourced design,” Watts said. “The engagement rules with these organisations today are entirely different to those of the past and not everyone in  the semiconductor sales and marketing world has made a successful  transition.”

Ismosys uses the strap line “Innovation not Emulation” to define the company”s attitude towards meeting and exceeding the challenges presented by the electronics industry today. The demand creation programmes deployed by the company are designed to access a broader and deeper customer base via low touch, high penetration methods with the aim of identifying the emerging businesses destined to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. According to Watts, it is widely acknowledged by semiconductor manufacturers that demand creation is at an all time low when in fact it should be at an all time high, especially in a design lead region such as the UK and Ireland.

Announcing the anniversary milestone Watts went out of his way to thank the partners – especially Mouser Electronics – and customers who have backed his initiatives and supported his business over the last two decades. “Twenty years on everything, and nothing, has changed!  The quest for increased business is even more relentless, but many companies are still looking under the same rocks,” says Watts. “For these companies the tide has turned and sadly their  future is not guaranteed.” He maintains that Innovation is the key: “Companies have to develop the courage to seek a different route and not simply roll over because the ROI is not obviously  apparent.”

“So here’s to the next twenty years,” concluded Watts. “The Spectrum Electronics Group sincerely wishes EVERYONE in the UK & Ireland electronics industry prosperity and success in 2015 and more immediately, a very merry Christmas!”

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