The perfect replacement for downlights

V-TAC, the innovative LED lighting brand, has launched a wide range of mini LED panels, creating the perfect replacement for downlights that start from just £3.99.

Ranging from 3w (210 lumens) to 24w (2,000 lumens), in either a square or round super slim design, the mini LED panels use a fraction of the power of downlights, last up to 20,000 hours, and deliver a wider beam width, providing a much more useable light over a wider area. Plus, a number of V-TAC’s revolutionary mini LED panels have an aluminium body and a built in power supply with integrated LEDs. They are also in the high lumens and high efficiency category, which are backed up by a two-year warranty.

Dinesh Sajnani, CEO of V-TAC says: “At last, a genuinely efficient answer to downlights. Our mini LED panels offer outstanding value for money, creating a greater light output than downlights, while being much more affordable to purchase and run. Installing the LED mini panels couldn’t be easier, for most of them just a simple push of the pin clicks the panels into place, meaning you don’t have to use any screws.”

V-TAC has no doubt that the new LED mini panels will be one of their fastest selling products, with a huge amount of orders already placed for both the square and round designs. V-TAC’s existing panel series already includes everything from glass and premium to SG, trimless and surface, and the brand also offers premium dimmable drivers that allow you to dim your LED lights so brightness can be controlled to your desired level.

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