The organic and printed electronics industry expects an increase of eight per cent in sales revenue in 2017

Positive outlook from OE-A members on the development of organic and printed electronics announced at LOPEC 2017


The signs are still set for growth in the organic and printed electronics industry. This is the clear message to result from the latest business climate survey conducted by the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association). 80 per cent of survey participants expect the industry to continue its positive development in the coming year. The results of the survey, carried out for the seventh time, were presented by OE-A Chair Dr. Jeremy Burroughes to the international press at LOPEC 2017 – the international trade fair and conference – in Munich, Germany.


The semi-annual OE-A Business Climate Survey sheds light on the anticipated growth of the Organic and Printed Electronics industry. During each survey, OE-A members – from material suppliers to end-users – are asked to provide qualitative data on the state of the industry and their expected sales development.


The organic and printed electronics industry continues to grow

With a projected sales revenue of eight per cent, 2017 will be a very successful year for OE-A members – even if the growth is nine percentage points lower compared to the forecasts from 2016. “It is understandable that companies are careful in making predictions at the beginning of the year”, states Dr. Jeremy Burroughes.


For 2018, a continuation of the positive trend in the organic and printed electronics industry is expected, in all areas, from material suppliers to end-users, and in all regions: Europe, Asia and North America. The companies expect further development and a growth in revenue of 16 per cent.


Thin, lightweight and flexible – these are the characteristics of organic and printed electronics. These features enable applications in numerous areas. OE-A members in particular target the following sectors: consumer electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, automotive, lighting, as well as energy. “The importance of these sectors for the organic and printed electronics industry is apparent at LOPEC 2017”, says Dr. Jeremy Burroughes. “Applications in the areas of wearables, automotive, and consumer electronics are key topics, at the trade fair as well as at the conference”.


The positive forecasts for 2017 are also reflected in other areas. Survey respondents want to continue to invest in expanding production in particular. Nearly half of the companies even want to increase these investments. They also want to continue expanding capacity in R&D activities. Furthermore, there are good opportunities for employees in the organic and printed electronics industry: 33 per cent of the companies surveyed plan to hire more employees in the next six months.

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