The Only Authorised Source of Texas Instruments End-of-Life Semiconductors

Largest Continuous Source of Texas Instruments Products

Rochester has over 1.5 billion Texas Instruments devices in stock.

Rochester Electronics has partnered with Texas Instruments for over two decades and is the only authorised source supporting end-of-life semiconductors, including many of the acquired brands with whom Rochester enjoyed a preexisting relationship.

Since the mid-1990s Texas Instruments has completed over thirty acquisitions that have reshaped and ultimately expanded the company’s focus on Analog and Embedded Processing. Some of these acquisitions include National Semiconductor, Burr-Brown, Unitrode, Power Trends, and many more.

Rochester Electronics is the largest Authorised continuous source of Texas Instruments parts.

  • Over 1.5 billion Texas Instruments devices in stock
  • Over 75,000 Texas Instruments part numbers available
  • Support of legacy brands
  • Ongoing licensed manufacturing of select TMS320 Digital Signal Processors

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Product Portfolio

• Amplifiers
• Application Processors
• Battery Management
• Data Converters
• Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
• Discretes
• Interface & Timing Devices
• LDO • Microcontrollers
• Power Management
• Sensors
• SoCs
• Standard Logic
• Switching Regulators
• Wireless

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest continuous source of semiconductors–100% Authorised by over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers. As an original manufacturer stocking distributor, Rochester has over 15 billion devices in stock encompassing 200,000-part numbers, providing the world’s most extensive range of end-of-life (EOL) semiconductors and broadest range of active semiconductors.

As a licensed semiconductor manufacturer, Rochester has manufactured over 20,000 device types. With over 12 billion die in stock, Rochester has the capability to manufacture over 70,000 device types. Rochester is the Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution™ no other company compares to the breadth of Rochester’s product selection, value-added services, and manufacturing solutions.

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