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Powerstar, the market leading international voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, is leading the way in energy saving solutions within the leisure industry, having assisted many golf clubs, shopping centres and retailers achieve significant energy consumption and cost savings without compromising business operations or guest experience.


The most recent satisfied customer is the Four Seasons Shopping Centre in the heart of Mansfield, which has been in operation since 1974 and boasts over 50 stores.


The centre was actively looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption, without affecting the day to day operations of the shopping centre, which is open seven days a week.

Stuart Clegg, commercial director, Powerstar

The incoming voltage at the centre was fairly stable, but higher than required at an average of 240.9V. This is a common issue as power is often supplied from the National Grid at a higher voltage than is required by most commercial properties. Energy management solutions, such as voltage optimisation technology, can assist in bringing it in line with the needs of a site, resulting in an improved electricity supply.


Furthermore, the design characteristics for most electrical equipment in the UK is to work most efficiently at approximately 220V, adding further viability to voltage optimisation technology.


At the Four Seasons Shopping Centre, Powerstar implemented its concept to completion service, setting out an engineering led solution that provides tangible reductions in electricity costs, CO2 reductions, and guaranteed energy savings.


Following a full analysis of the voltage profile and survey of the client’s site, Powerstar found the voltage to be high but stable, therefore recommended a fixed voltage optimisation 179kVA Powerstar LITE solution. Powerstar carried out the installation with no disruption to the centre’s operation or the enjoyment of its visitors, a critical component to any customer facing business within the leisure industry. 


Powerstar LITE is delivering the predetermined reduction of 17.5V, lowering the centre’s incoming supply to an optimised average of 223V, which reduces annual electricity consumption by 24,289kWh, equating to guaranteed annual savings of 7.5 per cent.


Martin Moran, operations manager at the Four Seasons Shopping Centre, said, “Powerstar successfully managed the installation of the voltage optimisation and power factor correction systems at the Four Seasons Shopping Centre through a tailored solution that met our requirements, while not disturbing the service provision to our customers. To date, the technology has had a significant effect in reducing our electrical consumption”.


Powerstar is currently celebrating 16 years of trading – a credit to British manufacturing, which is all completed on site at the company’s South Yorkshire based head office. The company is accredited with the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process.


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