The new LAMBDA module series is in town!

RF Solutions has introduced two new RF module series, the LAMBDA62 and LAMBDA80. Part of the LoRa collection already available at RF Solutions and RS Components. This range of modules was designed specifically as an FCC / CE /RED certified and world-wide compliant solution for any scenario where an application requires you the need to send sensor data. The LAMBDA series could just be what you’re looking for.

This article explores the main features of the modules.

The LAMBDA modules incorporate the impressive Semtech SX1262 and SX1280 LoRa transceivers, providing ultra-long range. Spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity within lower current consumption, thus providing an extremely high performance, cost-effective transceiver module.

Main Features:


Available as 868MHz and 915MHz, the LAMBDA62 features a huge 22km+ range of operation (line of sight). This sensitive, powerful module draws a low current and includes crystal, RF changeover switch, impedance matching network and track layout; providing a simple SPI user interface and direct antenna connection for the user. This enables an easy plug in RF solution with maximum efficiency.

  • 22KM+ Range
  • Integrated LoRa™ Modem Semtech SX1262
  • Highly Efficient Integral Impedance Matching Network
  • Provides Full Functionality of the RFIC
  • High Rx sensitivity: down to -148 dBm
  • LoRa,FSK,GFSK,MSK,GMSK,OOK modulation
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • 868MHz CE Compliant
  • 915MHz “Modular” FCC Certification Pending



The LAMBDA80, employs the Semtech SX1280, operates at 2.4GHz, (the only worldwide acceptable band), enabling the user to achieve a higher baud rate allowing the model to be up to 6 times as fast.

  • Long Range 2.4GHz RF Module
  • Integrated LoRa™ Transceiver Semtech SX1280
  • Transmit power +12.5 dBm
  • High sensitivity: down to -132 dBm
  • RF Data Rate:
    • FSK upto 2.02Mbps
    • LoRa upto 476bps

Two versions of these transceiver modules are currently available, open or with screen can fitted. Programming of the transceiver modules is via SPI Interface. The modules are RED CE certified, with FFC certification currently in process of being completed.

Example: With and without Screen Can


These new modules can be used for a variety of applications;

  • RF alarms
  • Sensor networks
  • Meter readings
  • Building control
  • Automation
  • Agricultural applications

Application resources:

The LAMBDA62 & LAMBDA80 are ready to use applications of the Semtech SX1262 and Semtech SX1280. Access to the programming and configuration are via the modules’ SPI interface.

The LAMBDA62/80 has been developed with Semtech to provide a low-cost platform application of the SX1262/80 transceivers. This offers optimal design realisation and easy integration within the end application.

The most important aspect of any RF Module is to maximise the performance of the transceiver at the external module pads. In particular, the impedance matching network which is the most sensitive section of the RF module design. In order to maximise signal propagation to the external pad of the module, a specific layout is required which is not (usually) the smallest physical size (beware of small RF modules!). Some RF Modules manufacturers shortcut this design aspect where the Module RF performance is considerably lower. The actual measured conducted power transmitted from LAMBDA62 ufl connector is +22.4dBm, which demonstrates the efficiency of the LAMBDA62 module. The conducted power transmitted from the LAMBDA80 ufl connector is +12.4dBm.

Link to more information:

To ensure that the latest details in programming this device are offered, we don’t include the 1262s and 1280s programming information in the RF Solutions datasheet.

You can find the datasheet at the link below:

SX1262 Datasheet –

SX1280 Datasheet –

Programming, configuration and further resource data including;

LoRa Calculator: fast evaluation of link budget, time on air and energy consumption.

Packet Error Rate Firmware User Guide.

LoRa Modem Designer’s Guide.

is available from Semtech at the below links Semtech Website –

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