The Latest Developments from Force Technologies

Since 1986 Force Technologies have manufactured and tested semiconductor devices to meet the demands of obsolescence and provide sustainable solutions for legacy projects. We continue to extend our range of sustainable Linear Op-Amps and Voltage Comparators by introducing the FT709 Operational Amplifier.  Utilising FT development and fabrication, this device is the latest addition to our comprehensive product range from commercial to military temperature specifications.

The FT709 series is a monolithic operational amplifier intended for general-purpose applications. Operation is completely specified over the range of voltages commonly used for these devices. Our design, in addition to providing high gain, minimises both offset voltage and bias currents.

The FT709 is manufactured into 3 industry standard packages, the 20 lead CLCC, the 8-lead CDIP and the 8-lead metal can. The FT709 is also available to Military Temperature Range -60°C to +125°C.

As a FFF replacement for obsolete devices from such manufacturers as TI, and NSC, Force Technologies have committed engineering effort, resources and financial input to continue the production of this Addition to our Linear Portfolio for many years to come.


“FT” Linear Products

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