The iRIS remote management capability from BVM dramatically slashes remote system costs

BVM Limited is rolling out an additional capability for some of its SBCs, Panel PCs and complete embedded systems. iRIS, which provides Independent Remote Monitoring and Control of embedded systems, consists of a software suite and an associated small mezzanine card inserted in a header on the SBC. With embedded intelligence proliferating rapidly in all sorts of applications, the ability to control and manage physically remote systems from a central location is a distinct advantage. iRIS is incredibly powerful; trials have shown that over 80% of problems with remote systems can be resolved over a network, and if an engineer does have to attend site, the diagnostic and logging capability of iRIS reduce the on-site time required, typically by more than 15%.

The iRIS card is independent powered from the 5V standby line, so it allows managing power on/off of unresponsive systems through an embedded WAN or separate Wi-Fi connection, without any need to go into the operating system (OS) or login shell to implement remote control. Operators have access to numerous remote functions: BIOS update, OS recovery, hardware monitoring and fan and power control, KVM + One Key Recovery and remote out-off-band backup. Installed application software can be updated and the OS can be recovered or re-installed.

Multiple system alert channels are provided, via email, SMS and direct to the management server. In addition, video streaming record and Event Trigger Setting and video record give operators a real-time activity view. iRIS is IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), 2.0 compliant and 3.0 ready for IPv6 support. Direct and open LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is enabled.

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