The icing on the cake for your data loggers – from Telemotive

Data loggers from Telemotive’s blue PiraT series are your reliable and convenient partners for many automotive testing and validation cases. The blue PiraT2 for all kinds of requirements and the smallest data logger in its class, the blue PiraT Mini, cover a wide range of interfaces and come with a lot of handy features. Expanding them with more functions like Wi-Fi, phone or camera connections is simple, too. But did you know about the icing on the cake? Telemotive offers clever accessories and custom-made software solutions to make your day’s work easier.

Hardware and software – a perfect blend

The brand-new Remote Control Touch is a remote control for data loggers with a 5-inch touchscreen – the key accessory for safe and convenient operation of the connected data loggers during test drives. It’s easy to set or display triggers, monitor bus loads and record voice messages from the driver’s or the passenger seat, while the loggers can be placed anywhere in the car. The new touchscreen offers a lot more options for personalizing the user interface and for visualizing test data in real-time.

With Remote Control Touch and Telemotive’s software solutions you can make even more of your Telemotive setup. It is literally the window into Telemotive’s unique overall architecture of hardware tools and specifically designed software. One remote control can control all connected data loggers or visualize their test data. However, it is also possible to use several remote controls for different functions. How that works? With Telemotive System Link. Thanks to two integrated Ethernet ports, Remote Control Touch is ready for this unique solution. Telemotive System Link integrates multiple data loggers into a network and makes them function as a single virtual device. That makes it a simple and effective answer to many questions of data logging in increasingly complex and connected cars.

Main course: Telemotive System Link and Telemotive System Client

Interfaces and their requirements are becoming more diverse and demanding, and so does the resulting test data. Configuring every data logger individually also takes a lot of time. But Telemotive System Link and Telemotive System Client, the central client software for all Telemotive data loggers, save you time and worries: Configuration of the loggers, conversion of test data or software updates can be done for all connected loggers together. With the unique decentralized time stamp synchronization there is no master clock that could fail and make an entire test series invalid. Also, Telemotive System Link and Telemotive System Client are future-proof: Adding new interfaces or new devices to your existing test rig is simple and the client software is constantly evolved and expanded with new functions.

Feast for the eyes: Telemotive Live View and Telemotive Download Terminal

But that’s not all. Executives or cooperation partners want to get a picture of your tests? No problem – simply use Telemotive Live View. It makes bus data from your data loggers understandable at first glance on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Its graphical representations show what is going on in real time. For worldwide operating testing fleets or test houses, Telemotive Download Terminal helps to cope with the large amounts of data. It collects, sorts and distributes test data. Once configured according to the customer’s preferences, the data is read out, structured, synchronized and sent to your company servers – fully automatically.

Product configurator – data logging á la carte

Simplicity and ease of use are Telemotive’s main concerns. This applies not only to the products themselves but also to your way to a fitting test system. All it takes is Telemotive’s new online product configurator and your choice between eleven interfaces – from CAN to Ethernet and MOST – at

In real time, you get a matching combination of data loggers, together with product images and technical data. Would you like a nonbinding offer, get more information or a call back? Our sales team is happy to help.

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