The future of embedded design is here

The first decision an engineer has to make when looking at an embedded design is do I develop this myself, or is there an off the shelf solution available? Both have their pitfalls. The first comes down to engineering time and cost to engineer a bespoke platform that will do exactly what the customer wants, but this can take many man months of development. The second route is easier as you procure an off the shelf board, but you need to find something to fit within the design constraints of the product and ensure that you can continue to get the same board over the product lifetime, and in the world of single board computers the shelf life can be notoriously short.

Arrival Electronics believe they have the perfect solution that bridges this gap – the Mi Embedded series. This is a fully customisable embedded computing platform, based around a defined CPU core, the platform has a breadboard area which allows a customer to add their own peripherals and I/O functionality, Mi Embedded will then turn this “prototype” into a fully working custom board, that exactly meets the customer’s specification. The customer retains full rights and ownership and receives a complete build pack allowing them to manufacture the board themselves, or if required Mi Embedded will provide this function.

This is the best of both worlds for the customer, they get many man months of embedded design in a neat package, without the headache of supply issues.
Focussing on extended lifetime CPUs such as the Intel Dual Core Baytrail processor, the Mi Embedded platform can support up to 7 year life and is designed for industrial applications, operating from -40 to +110 and is in vehicle compliant, as well as supporting on board HD graphics capability up to 3840×2160@30 displays and with USB3.0, HDMI1.4a, dual eSATA 2.x/3.x and 10/100/1000 interfaces.

With Raspberry PI and Arduino board compatibility, this really is the future of embedded design and gives the engineer their own bespoke embedded design at a fraction of the usual development cost

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