The easy way to find a custom laser: Conrad Business Supplies offers comprehensive laser module range from Picotronic

The trend in industry towards greater automation and digitalisation is ever thriving with the aim of simplifying processes. With this in mind, Conrad Business Supplies now offers a large range of industrial lasers from Picotronic. Through the new parametric laser finder search the right laser can be easily found and ordered online.

Whether wavelength, beam shape, optical power, divergence or aperture angle – the parametric Laserfinder search, with preselected search criteria from Picotronic, will find the right laser fit for any customer need

Conrad provides a choice of about 200 laser modules. Amongst these industrial lasers are selections of devices suitable for the medical market and the research sector. They can be used for correcting alignment or positioning of light barriers, for image processing applications, speed measurements and in robotics.


Various selection criteria ease accurate handling for example in respect to wavelength, beam shape or laser class. With the selection of laser modules offered through Conrad Business Supplies’ Online Shop, customers can request fast delivery.

This line laser, for example, is a universal tool for use in industry and trade when quick and easy positioning, marking and aligning of workpieces are required

‘Conrad Business Supplies not only covers the vast Picotronic range of traditional point and line lasers, but also many dedicated shapes for different applications,’ says Tim Schlecht, product manager, Category Business Supplies at Conrad.


‘Each individual module passed strict quality assurance tests and all lasers meet the legal requirements regarding safety and labelling. In addition, our products offer a long operating life,” adds David Heckner, managing director at Picotronic, a leading supplier of laser modules and integrated solutions in Germany.

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