TFT displays for the most demanding applications

Relec Electronics has leveraged its 40-year history in the display industry to offer custom TFT displays that are tailored for the demanding defence industry, from handheld equipment to displays used in satellites.

“TFT selection is key when designing a display for mission critical applications,” says Mathew Rehm, Relec’s Account Manager (Displays). “Primary concern for the designer is that the display can be viewed – and operated – in harsh conditions that may incur extreme temperatures and be subjected to vibration or shock. They also have to be reliable and have a long operating life because in many conditions maintenance and repair can be challenging”.

To address these strict design criteria, Relec Electronics offers a wide range of TFT display options. Models can operate across a wide temperature range – from -40°C to +80°C. Specifiers can be assured that the Taiwanese-grade quality LEDs used in the backlighting have a long operating life and, just as importantly, a longevity of supply to ensure continuity of quality and supply, without having to find drop-in replacements for obsolete parts.

The displays are often expected to operate in hostile environments and Relec offers models that provide up to 1500cd/m2 and contrast up to 1,000 for clear, discernible viewing angles from any direction. Displays can also be mounted and viewed in portrait or landscape mode, with no degradation to viewing angles, to ensure they’re optimised for the specific application.

For some operating conditions, PCAP touch panels allow operation even when wearing thick gloves or with water on the glass. These models have a thick cover glass (up to 1cm thick) and the highest signal to noise ratio available on the market today to maximise EMC immunity for secure operation. These PCAP touch panels incorporate a sophisticated FPC design which also aides in the EMI shielding. These include grounding plates and screw holes. There are two option types for the FPC; one that is removeable – for quick replacement if needed – and one that is fitted securely, for improved shock and vibration resistance.

Relec’s bespoke customisation service offers design support for all defence applications. From Rocktouch shielding for EMC immunity (equivalent to 30V/m), to custom optical stacks, LCD, touch panel and options, for example adding optical bonding, EMC filter, privacy filter and layers of glass. Further specialist customisation can include rugged cover lenses and bezels and custom backlight designs.


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