Teseq UK calibration service covers all EMC test products and antennas

Accreditation underwrites the competence of a calibration laboratory and provides confidence in all certificates and reports issued due to the implementation of widely accepted criteria set by the European (CEN) or international (ISO) standardisation bodies. These standards address issues such as impartiality, competence and reliability ensuring confidence in the compatibility of certificates and reports across national borders.

Subscribing to calibration services from EMC experts, who develop and manufacture EMC instruments, offers a unique level of service. The friendly and reliable TESEQ team has extensive product knowledge and many years of experience of calibration and repair of TESEQ equipment and that of other major suppliers.

EMC calibration services provided by TESEQ include; harmonic and flicker calibration, magnetic field immunity generator calibration and a complete solution for EMC/RF calibration. For customer convenience TESEQ provide a door-to-door collection and delivery service of equipment for calibration.

TESEQ currently own 7 calibration laboratories around the world, 6 of which have National and International accreditations. They offer on-site calibration, fast-turnaround laboratory services of all types of EMC equipment from any manufacturer. Maintenance contracts are available as is an automatic calibration reminder service

Five of the seven TESEQ calibration laboratories are accredited by the following national accreditation authorities to EN ISO/IEC 17025 which is the latest international standard specifically addressing the performance of calibration laboratories


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