TESEQ EMC Test Facility expands company’s field probe calibration service

TESEQ, a developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, have expanded their capability in field probe calibration to deliver calibration data at all frequencies defined in the IEC 61000-4-3 standard.

The company can now offer field probe calibration data to 6GHz, allowing customers to compensate for frequency variations within the probe with greater precision, through the reduction of measurement inaccuracies. In addition, probe linearity data can also be provided.

The expansion marks the first step in a two year programme to install 18GHz probe calibration capability.

TESEQ’s Wokingham facility offers full EMC calibration and repair services including two screened room antenna calibration chambers offering customers convenient and efficient indoor testing reducing test times and costs.

TESEQ has full UKAS approval for both testing at its own facility and also for on-site conducted immunity calibrations carried out at customers own premises. This is an increasingly popular service with customers needing to increase equipment availability

Commenting Pat Moore, Managing Director of TESEQ said, ”Our fully accredited test facility now addresses all the needs of professional EMC test engineers. As the acknowledged worldwide EMC experts in test equipment design and manufacture and as a provider of EMC test services, Teseq offers its customers a number of advantages over using conventional “stand alone” test facilities.”



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