Terminal post connections solutions for audio, power and instrumentation applications

Cliff Electronics extensive range of UK designed and manufactured terminal posts now includes single terminal binding posts and multiple binding post assemblies in a number of different designs and configurations for consumer and professional applications, including those in audio, engineering, instrumentation, medicine, lighting and vending.

Rated up to 60A, the binding posts are also available in fully insulated, touch-proof and 4mm versions for test and instrumentation applications, with solid brass, gold-plated models for use in Hi-Fi speaker applications also available. Cliff manufactures dual binding post assemblies in a variety of designs in either standard or custom configurations.

Cliff is also able to manufacture the BFA (Built For Audio) range of terminals, which have been designed in response to European industry safety requirements prohibiting the use of banana plugs in order to minimise the risk of accidental electric shock. In the BFA range the customary 4mm socket is replaced by a 4mm spring contact probe and 3.6mm cross holes for wire connection prevent the entry of banana plugs, meeting the norms of BS EN 60065 for audio applications.

The company’s terminal posts are used by some of the world’s leading audio manufacturers in applications such as loudspeaker connection, amplifiers and mixers as well as in laboratory power supplies, test and instrumentation products, medical equipment, electric fencing, military communications and for industrial connection requirements.

Key specifications include nickel and gold-plated finishes, 4mm plug, fast-on or cable connection with blanking buttons available to ensure touch-proof safety properties. Pre-assembled horizontal and vertical PCB-mounting terminal plates are available as are anti-magnetic nickel free versions for industrial applications and custom binding post designs are regularly undertaken for specific applications.



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