Tensilica’s ConnX baseband engine DSP core successfully deployed by NXP

“Tensilica presented us with an intriguing application for their customisable dataplane processor technology, and we worked with them to evolve that into a product that worked very well for our requirements. We needed a DSP that went well beyond what else we could find on the market in terms of optimum power/performance/area,” stated Andrew Turley, Director of Innovation for Car Entertainment, NXP. “Together we have developed a solution that has the necessary DSP performance to tackle multi-standard next-generation digital radio applications in a small and power efficient core.”

According to Jack Guedj, Tensilica”s president and CEO said, “Our collaboration with NXP has helped us optimise our ConnX BBE and validates the benefits of Tensilica”s customisable dataplane processors (DPUs) to build the most efficient digital signal processing engines for mobile wireless communications.”

NXP Semiconductors

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