Telonic Introduces Rigol’s new Multi-Channel Temperature Measure & Control with Rigol M300 DMM/Switch solution!

Every electrical and electronic device, which will be placed on the market in the EU, must comply with electrical safety standards and also meet the requirements for electrical emissions both radiated and conducted and it’s susceptibility to external electrical emissions, both radiated and conducted. The exact standards that must be complied with depend on the product type.

To demonstrate compliance with the required standards a “CE” mark is attached to the product and a CE Certificate of Compliance, listing the standards complied with must be enclosed with the product or be made available on request.

For many electrical and electronic products environmental tests such as shock, vibration, temperature and humidity are conducted to stress the device under test and to accelerate ageing in order to assess the likely reliability of the product during its operational lifetime.

These Tests are known as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). HALT is applied to the electrical and electronic products during their design phase. The products will be stressed to achieve an accelerated ageing. This is done to find possible problems which could occur during the lifetime of the product so the device will be stressed beyond its specified maximum specs (electrical and mechanical). Problems found based on stress testing gives designers the possibility to change the design and the production process to improve the quality of the new product before its introduction to the market.

With HALT and HASS it is possible to detect quality issues during the early design phase. This saves time and money, as the later in the developing phase problems are found, the more expensive and time consuming design changes become.

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