Telecommunications specialist Salumanus launches in the UK market

To support the UK through its transition to fibre at a time of unprecedented demand, leading telecommunications solutions provider, Salumanus, established Salumanus Ltd, a British division based in Manchester.

Backed up by long-standing partnerships with telecommunications industry giants, including Orange and T-Mobile, Salumanus offers innovative solutions and technical support for telco operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), data centres and corporate networks, as well as technology for video and audio data transmission.

Founded in Poland in 2002, Salumanus boasts a team of experienced telecommunications engineers with decades of hands-on experience. Its cutting-edge demo laboratory, based in Krakow but available to support the needs of global clients, can simulate networks of up to 1,000 km, making the implementation phase quick and risk-free.

The company offers a variety of innovative solutions for data transmission, intended to maximise the capacity of new and existing networks in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Its offering includes optical transceivers, components and systems for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and alien wavelength, as well as encryption and video transport solutions.

Salumanus’ flagship product is the Simple Recode Device (SRD), a user-friendly tool that allows users to reduce the number of branded transceivers in their networks, optimise stock and facilitate the installation process, thus minimising transceivers’ total cost of ownership (TCO). This is because with the SRD, it is possible to reconfigure branded transceivers to make them vendor-neutral and therefore compatible with interfaces from different brands. Part of the Salumanus’ portfolio, including the SRD, is manufactured in-house under the brand-name GBC Photonics, while part is distributed from PacketLight Networks.

Alongside hardware, Salumanus offers training and technical support. The company’s engineers are available to advise customers on how to make the most of their existing networks, helping them maximise bandwidth without investing in a cost-prohibitive network overhaul. This strategy confirmed Salumanus as the provider of choice for major telecommunications corporations, as well as customers in safety-critical sectors such as healthcare, banking and data centres.

With the launch of Salumanus Ltd, the company’s substantial offering and know-how is available to UK customers, at a time when the deployment of fibre optic cables is revolutionising the country’s digital strategy.

The UK Gigabit Broadband Programme, which aims to bring access to 1 Gbps capable connection to most residents by 2025, is placing unprecedented demands on telco operators, who need to find cost-effective solutions to support this growth. However, the country has already missed its ambitions target once, when the initial goal of 100 per cent coverage was reduced to 85 per cent. To support the country’s digital growth, it is essential to work with solutions that maximise the potential of fibre without necessarily increasing the number of fibre strands. This is where Salumanus shines.

“The UK is at a critical stage in the development of optical networks — its copper-based networks are coming to the end of their lifecycle and need to be replaced by fibre,” commented Krzysztof Podgórski, CEO of Salumanus. “Poland skipped this hurdle — not having a substantial copper infrastructure in place to begin with, the country invested in fibre straight away. Now, we are perfectly positioned to migrate our fibre deployment knowledge across the UK market.”

“For most of our clients, one of the main challenges is the cost per month or mile of building or renting new optical fibre cables,” added Marcin Bala, Salumanus’ CTO. “Our goal is to help telco operators drastically cut this cost by getting the most out of the infrastructure they already have in place. This leads to quick ROI while increasing the flexibility of their operations.”

“At a time when much of our lives are migrating online, companies are doing their best to make their network infrastructure safer, more resilient and more flexible,” concluded Kris Fujawa, CEO of Salumanus Ltd. “However, they are on the lookout for scalable solutions that are flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing conditions. This is the kind of market we are here to serve. We are excited to start our journey in Manchester, the home of so many innovative technology enterprises, and hope to forge strong partnerships with the local and national telecommunications landscape.”

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