Techsil Welcomes Advanced Silicone Materials for Drone and UAV Manufacture

Techsil understands the unique challenges required by the drone and UAV industry, they discuss new technological advances to assist with the ever changing boundaries of miniaturisation and thermal management.” They offer a broad range of silicone products that can provide environmental protection, increase hardware reliability, improve sensor performance and extend component life. Working with Momentive Performance Materials, from launch to landing, the advanced silicone products available from their UK warehouse enable the next generation of UAVs.

Why choose Silicones for Drones and UAVs?

Silicones maintain critical properties for extended time over a wide range of extreme temperatures, typically from -115c up to 260c. They offer sustained flexibility in extreme low temperatures and can provides excellent dielectric and thermal insulation which is much needed with today’s electronics.


They are going to provide UV and Ozone resistance and there are low outgassing solutions available that meet or exceed ASTM E595 testing standards.

What part of Drones and UAV assembly can Silicones help with?

The versatility of silicones is vast, they can assist with battery management such as PCB encapsulation, vibration dampening, battery potting, thermal adhesion and flame suppressing.

They can be used for water proofing pin connectors and non-corrosive bonding. O Ring and case sealing, sensor coating, potting and sealing and even optical bonding for enhanced user displays.

What products should be considered?

Battery Management

RTV133  is a black 45 Shore A silicone adhesive which can be used as a flame suppressant, for a thermal adhesive in this area consider TN3085 which is available in either grey or white.


For waterproofing and pin connector we would recommend considering TN3305 , a 14 Shore A silicone that is flame retardant and non-corrosive to metals, available in black, white or clear. Alternatively TSE397 is a similar grade which could also be considered here.

Thermal EMI Shielding

If you are looking for a thermal gap filler to assist with EMI shielding look no further than TIA241GF – this is a 2 part, thermally conductive silicone that can cure in place to create a heat path for extremely efficient heat transfer. It’s a non-slumping paste and is fast becoming a well renowned alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads.

O-Ring/Case Sealing

Techsil have many grades to offer in this area, the RTV100 series is a market leader, available in various colours with varying temperature resistances – this room temperature curing range is exceptionally reliable and versatile, coming in between 20 – 30 shore A.

If you are looking for something a little firmer, consider TSE322 , a heat cured silicone light blue in colour and 45 Shore A. This grade would also be recommended for sensor coating.

Why Choose Techsil?

Techsil have been supplying the Electronics industry (and many others) since 1989 and have always worked to uphold their exceptional service record. With an extensive stock catalogue of over 2,000 SKU’s they are much more than simply a warehousing and distribution operation – they aim to provide their Customers with an exceptional level of service together with  full technical back up, ensuring they are consistently delivering value to their Customers with their operational excellence.

“On Time, In Full, Every Time” has become somewhat of an in-house mantra at Techsil.

Techsil have proven their resilience and talent for navigating challenges. Their pro-activeness to the procurement process has helped to evolve their supply chain in difficult and uncertain times and have monitored their facilities, upgrading where appropriate to be able to react to any scalability demands.

Communication is key for Techsil, given today’s with raw material delays and lengthening lead times Techsil are working closer than ever with both Customers and Suppliers alike to keep the supply chain as flowable as possible. They believe honesty is the best policy – working to consistently deliver value to their Customers.

Why Choose Momentive?

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in RTV Silicone and Advanced materials for aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics and other industrial consumer applications. For more than 60 years, Momentive has helped power the aerospace journey.

Momentive’s silicone products are integral to the assembly and operation of aircraft, spacecraft and military platforms. Momentive’s silicones were in the boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon and have been part of every US manned space flight since then. Momentive uses the experience from thousands of hours of flight and in-space time to innovate new products that help our partners continue the aerospace legacy.

Momentive is proud to work with many of today’s pioneering aerospace and defence companies to provide solutions for the manufacturing challenges of today.



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