Techno cable connector that protects against water ingress is available from Hylec-APL

Moisture blocking technology safeguards electrical and electronic equipment

Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical and electronic components, enclosures and rack systems, has announced the Techno TH392 waterproof connector with X-Dry technology. All cables are hydroscopic to some degree and will therefore absorb moisture that can collect inside the cable sheath, moving along its length and even crossing terminations in the cable. The X-Dry technology blocks moisture transmission across terminals, protecting electrical and electronic equipment.

“The special barrier prevents moisture condensation, which runs through the cable, from entering the connector, protecting the system in critical conditions of use,” said Mark Severn, director of sales for Hylec-APL.

The connectors have screw or piercing terminals and can accept cables with diameters from 8 to 12mm; maximum cable cross section is 4mm2 for screw terminals and 0.5 to 1.5mm2 for the piercing clip terminals. Water and dust protection is to IP68 at 3bar pressure from 30 minutes to two hours. Rated current is 17.5A, 450V, and operating temperature from -40 to +125degC.

The contact screw terminals are brass nickel plated. The standard screws are steel zinc plated and the piercing screws are plated with steel zinc brass. There are three- and four-way versions. The four-way version takes up 400 by 160 by 205mm.

The mini connector is suitable for operation in tight spaces. The piercing clip wiring system can be installed quickly and safely. Accessories include grommets, reducers, lock nuts and a special tool that ensures the correct installation of the product to provide maximum protection.

They meet EN60529:1991 +A1:2000, EN60998-1:2004, EN60998-2-1: 2004 and EN60998-2-3:2004.


About Hylec-APL

Hylec-APL specialises in the manufacture and supply of electrical components including connectors and terminal blocks, weatherproof connectors, cable glands, enclosures and control components. The company also supplies Retex 19in and other racking products.

Hylec-APL has over 30 years of experience, supplying electrical components to major OEMs and CEMs (electrical and electronic), wholesalers and specialist and catalogue distributors. Essential to the company’s strategy is the ability to develop long-term business partnerships with customers; this is reinforced by a policy of active field sales, a large inventory of available parts and an all-pervasive service culture.

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