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Not Bright Enough for You? We can Enhance

If our incredible ultra wide stretched and high bright displays aren’t bright enough for you don’t panic 🙂 Found the perfect size and resolution but the high bright display just doesn’t cut it? We can resolve the problem as we can enhance our wide stretched displays up to 2,000 nits! Take …

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CDS Increases Range of E-Paper Displays for Transportation Information and Digital Signage

cds epaper displays

CDS is offering one of the most environmentally friendly Display technologies that can be used in many applications including retail and transport, such as bus stops, rail information boards etc. Why E-Paper in Transportation signage? E-paper displays for bus digital signage give the appearance of ordinary ink on paper (like your E-reader). …

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CDS Fully Supporting Interactive Kiosk Solutions

CDS touch kiosks

CDS have the essentials ready to supply kiosk manufacturers! With such a wide range of open frame and touch monitor displays we have the goods to help you create the most impressive kiosks in the market! Whilst constantly adding to our range to bring our customers the most recent and up …

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21.3 inch HCS & amp; HiBrite LCD

CDS 21.3 inch panel

Check out the spec for the CDS2133-PNW – a 21.3 inch industrial grade sunlight readable (600 nits) and HCS (High Color Saturation) LCD. It has the capabilities to produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colours. A highly reliable UXGA TFT Panel Solution suitable for outdoor application, radar applications, kiosk, factory automation, …

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CDS Introduces New Medium Sized Hibrite UHD Panels

CDS UHD Hibrite

Ultra High Definition panels with high brightness of a whopping 1,000 nits! So that’s a super resolution and a super brightness panel, check out the sizes below to see if you could integrate these amazing panels and create something superb! [table id=95 /] Take a look at our full range …

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Open Frame and Chassis Mount Monitors

CDS industrial monitors

We now offer the widest range of open frame and chassis mount monitor products in Europe having now added to our range- in terms of sizes, specifications and specialist monitors. The products are especially for specific industries such as vending, gaming, banking, automation, outdoor, marine, military and medical. This gives …

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CDS Upgrades its 26.5″ Square Display to an Amazing 1200 nits

CDS Square LCD

Check us out 🙂 We’ve improved the already impressive 26.5″ square LCD panel. The LM265SQ1 is a 26.5 inch diagonally measured active display area with 1920 x 1920 resolution (1920 vertical by 1920 horizontal pixel array) and as standard has 300 nits is now available as a 1,200 nits version! General …

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Newly Launched 5.8 inch Bar Type LCD

CDS small format tft displays

Check out CDS’ new model CDS058IWV01HSO, the amazing wide stretched bar type LCD with an impressive 8:3 aspect ratio. Key spec details as below; Why not request the full spec and have a closer look for yourself? We could save you, your company and your projects money 🙂 We have …

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