Tacksert pins offer alternative to screws in compact electronics

The new microPEM TackSert pin from Penn Engineering has been designed to offer a reliable fastener solution to attach top panels securely to a base panel or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. These pins provide a practical alternative to micro screws by eliminating the typically costly issues associated with threaded hardware (including inserts, tapping, cross threading, torque control, and vibration back out).

They will attach top panels (of any material as thin as 0.2mm / .008) to base panels or chassis manufactured from common magnesium die-cast materials (such as AZ91D) or plastics (such as ABS).

Their unique diagonal knurl effectively holds the top panel to a base panel or chassis by broaching into the base panel/chassis using a simple press-in action without heat or ultrasonics.

TackSert (Type TK) pins install quickly and easily by preparing properly sized mounting holes in the top sheet and base panel, placing the pin through the hole in the top sheet and into the mounting hole of the base panel, and applying sufficient squeezing force using punch and anvil until the head of the pin contacts the top sheet. During the process, the fasteners tapered tip assists in location and a firm interference fit eliminates hole-tolerance issues. Pins can be installed automatically for high-volume applications.

Designers can specify Type TK4 (400 Series stainless steel) pins for broaching into castings and similar materials or Type TKA (aluminum) pins for broaching into plastic applications. All are RoHS-compliant and available in a variety of lengths.




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