T Series enclosures from BCL Distribution provide ideal small ABS enclosure solution for multiple uses

Strong, easily modified for specific requirements; supplied with lids

Following the recent announcement of the expansion of its business, BCL Distribution, the specialist UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures, has expanded its T Series enclosures of small multi-purpose boxes.  Specifically designed to be a flexible solution for multiple applications, T Series enclosures can be easily modified by drilling or punching to suit specific customer requirements.

The T Series is supplied complete with lids which are retained with four countersunk self-tapping screws, and is available in six different sizes.  The T1-26 model measures  40mm x 28mm x 18mm and has a wall thickness of 1.0mm; the HBT3 model measures 73.5mm x 51mm x 25.5mm with 1.75mm wall thickness; T2 models are 75mm x 56mm x 25mm with 1.5mm thick walls; the T3 model measures 75mm x 51mm x 27mm, also with 1.5mm walls; T4 enclosures are 111mm x 57mm x 22mm with an increased wall thickness of 2.0mm; the largest enclosure is the HBT4 model at 113mm x 59mm x 24mm, with 1.75mm thick walls.

The T1-26, HBT3 and HBT4 are in a matt finish, whereas the T2, T3 and T4 have a polished finish. Packs of either black passivated countersunk posidrive or zinc plated posidrive screws for lid retention are available separately, all in quantities of 100.

Available standard colours are black, white or light grey, and other RAL colours are available on request.  Silk screen printing is also available

About BCL Distribution

BCL Distribution is a UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures moulded in ABS, polycarbonate and other plastic materials designed to provide functional and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications across multiple markets.  Unusual or challenging product housing requirements are a specialism as are fast turnaround and flexible order quantities from single boxes to high volume production. Founded in 1972, BCL Distribution has sold over 25 million enclosures to date by providing expertise, excellent customer support and service from initial enquiry through to supply and beyond.

Tel: +44 (0)1423 879787

Web: www.bcldistribution.com


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