SynQor DC/DC converter targets high power battery-charging applications

Luso Electronics Distribution has announced the availability of the high-input-voltage NiQor family of DC-DC converters for a range of industrial and telecom applications. Included within the range is a product that is suited to use in HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) or in a range of portable battery-charging applications such as fuel cell or solar-energy based power generators.

The SynQor NiQor family of DC-DC converters offers a solution for converting high powered and variable voltages – input voltages from 9 to 90V – to a wide range of output voltages. The converter series is a non-isolated buck-boost regulator that employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high-conversion efficiency. Suitable for use in Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) based telecom systems, or to provide a regulated output voltage from a battery source or other variable voltage sources, the converter can also be configured to buck the input voltage down or boost the input voltage up using a single external resistor.

Particularly of note within the range is a current-controlled “C” version. The device”s output current limit is externally controlled for constant-current charging, the current being set by either an external resistor or an active circuit. Other features of the “C” version include: current analogue signal provided for instrumentation and control functions; an “ideal diode” output stage with zero back-drive current prevents battery discharge when not charging; independent control of the output voltage set-point via the trim pin; and a smooth transition between current and voltage modes as power needs change across the charging cycle.

The SynQor NiQor range, including the battery-charging “C” variant, is now available for purchase from Luso Electronics for evaluation and qualification.


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