Switchtec’s gels and pastes convert bare electrical connections to fully protected IP68 standard

Now available from a Switchtec is a somewhat unique and novel range of sealing products that enable manufacturers, installers and those in maintenance to upgrade bare cable connections into waterproof types. Manufactured by Arnocanali, the product range embraces gels and sealing pastes that can render a simple, unsealed junction box to become IP68 ingress rated.

The need to interconnect cables is a very common occurrence during an installation. Such interconnections are generally made by uniting two or more cables within a terminal block or connector. To protect the connection the connector is often fitted inside an enclosure. However, if this installation is outdoors, requires submersing or burying, is at risk of extreme liquid exposure, or exposed to extreme temperatures, then the ingress of water or condensation build-up may become an issue for the connection by creating an electrical fault. To prevent or to cure an ongoing issue, the use of Arnocanali’s sealing gels or pastes provides a solution, fully insulating the connection.

Aimed at OEMs, contractors, installers, and distributors, the Arnocanali sealing products can be used for enclosure sealing, waterproofing, and insulating electrical installations.

For versatility there are three types of sealing solution, the most popular is the bi-component gel. This is supplied as a two part liquid that when mixed becomes a semi rigid, translucent gel. The second is the bi-component rubber, which has the same characteristics as the gel but is opaque. Thirdly, the sealing paste product is supplied ready mixed and has an extremely high viscosity that can be moulded and re-used as it does not cure.

The gels are available in a variety of pack types and sizes. These are 130g and 180g split bags, and 150g, 500g and 5kg bottles supplied with measuring jug and mixing spatula. The split bag pack sizes refer to one of the constituent parts (unmixed), so the final actual weight of the pack is double that specified in all cases e.g. a 130g pack contains 260g of ‘mixed’ product. The paste is available in 300g and 1kg tubs, a 250g squeezable tube and a 280g cartridge for use with applicator guns.

For speed and ease, also available from Switchtec are Arnocanali connection and sealing kits. These comprise an IP65 enclosure, three compression cable glands, terminals blocks and either the bi-component gel or paste. Different versions are available with different enclosure sizes and connection options.

When applied to a suitable enclosure, Arnocanali sealing gels and pastes ensure an IP68 level of ingress protection. The gels have a fast cure time of 15 minutes even at low temperatures. They are low viscosity, non-toxic, and feature good transparency and no shelf life. They have high dielectric strengths of 20kV per mm and are suitable for installations up to 1kV.

The gels can replace all types of resins, with the added benefit of being able to remove the compound without damaging the enclosure or connections. The gel comprises of a cross linking polymer, supplied in two parts (bottles or bag). The mixed gel has a very low viscosity, and when poured surrounds and envelopes any type of material, insulating any electrical connection, and curing within 15 minutes. The resulting material is completely non-toxic, will not stress materials it comes into contact with, and once removed can be disposed of safely.

As well as being available direct from Switchtec, Arnocanali gels and pastes are available in point of sale promotional packaging for trade counter display.


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