Switchtec’s DIN mounting PCB housings combine quality with versatility

Switchtec is making available Euroclamp’s CEM series of modular DIN rail enclosures meeting the growing requirement for a low cost, compact enclosure that can be fitted – sometimes during the latter stages of manufacturing to accommodate design modifications – to house a small circuit board or similar electronic assembly.

Aimed at OEMs, equipment and component manufacturers, sub-contractors, and distributors the application areas for the enclosures include lighting controllers, circuit protection, energy management systems, power supplies, and HVAC controls.  Driving the demand for this type of product is the need for an off the shelf, DIN mounted PCB enclosure that is both robust and ‘customisable’ and able to meet the increasing use and deployment of electronic assemblies and small ‘add-on’ electronic networks in control panels.

Available in three sizes, 17.5, 22, and 35mm, the enclosures are supplied as three sub components; the main body, the top cover and the bottom mount that is furnished with two DIN rail clips, enabling quick and easy installation and removal from DIN rails.  As such the enclosures are designed and manufactured to be a ‘snap-fit’, tool-less product.  The two larger sized units (CEM-22 & CEM-35) are available in vertical and horizontal versions. This denomination relates to the orientation of the PCB mounted inside the enclosure. As appropriate, the two versions allow two PCBs to be mounted inside either vertically or horizontally, providing the user with maximum flexibility from a standard DIN enclosure.

Accessories for the CEM series include a clear top cover, and a TP35 blanking or vented insert that enables easy modification of the enclosure to accommodate different components.

The CEM series also includes the ML25 series terminal block. This range has been designed specifically for use in the CEM enclosures, and these terminals are vailable in two and three way vertical and horizontal types and with left and right ‘dog leg’ pins to optimise positioning and accessibility.

The CEM Series from Euroclamp is manufactured to a high specification, including internal PCB supports and guides, ensuring that PCBs are held firmly in place, which is of great importance when mounting PCBs that are populated with heavier components such as relays or transformers.




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