Swissbit reaches key milestone with industrial MLC Flash Memory

Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, has reached a key milestone with its MLC technology durabit. In December 2016, for the first time, a third of all flash products sold by Swissbit were based on MLC (Multi Level Cell). At the same time, sales of SLC products (Single Level Cell) also increased, firmly establishing Swissbit as a leading provider of industrial flash memory products. Traditionally, demanding applications in industrial, telecommunications and medical technology were the sole domain for SLC-based storage products. The innovations united under the brand name durabit have allowed Swissbit to successfully shift the boundaries of what is possible with MLC Flash. In the beginning, there were durabit SD memory cards. Now SATA 6Gb/s SSDs from the X-60 range are spreading the use of durable MLC flash memory.

MLC Flash Memory from Swissbit

‘The success of durabit products shows that we have been successful in qualifying our optimised MLC technology for industrial applications. Compared to SLC, developers of embedded systems and robust, durable products now have access to more cost-effective memory solutions, which for many applications meet the property requirements,’ said Ulrich Brandt, director of marketing at Swissbit AG.


Key durabit product properties include, in particular, mechanical and electrical durability and a variety of firmware- and controller-innovations such as low WAF, extended overprovisioning and data care management. These internal mechanisms of the Swissbit memory solutions offer unrivalled values for endurance (life of the flash medium) and retention (life of stored data). Like the classic SLC media, Swissbit also offers developer support and long-term availability for its MLC products manufactured in Germany, in accordance with product life cycles in industrial, telecommunications and medical technology.

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