SuZhou Etron issued IPO in Shanghai stock exchange; have been leveraging Digi-Key’s NPI and API solutions

On June 22nd, 2017 SuZhou Etron Technologies, a growing China-based EMS provider, became publicly traded in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and credits a strong partnership with Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, as one factor of their business success. Digi-Key’s NPI (New Product Introduction) and API (Application Programming Interface) solutions are important building blocks to Etron’s supply chain.


“We are excited to be listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange and expand our high-quality products and services to a wider scope of customers globally,” said Alex Chen, VP of Commerce at SuZhou Etron Technologies. “Quality and reliability have been the key aspects of SuZhou Etron. With strong leadership in the past decade, we have developed a rapidly growing and sustainably strong customer base. For each of them, we provide a fast turnaround time to bring their products from design to prototypes to finished products in great quality.”


Digi-Key has been a preferred source of components for Etron’s NPI projects. The company has also implemented an API in order to gain Digi-Key’s component database including part numbers inventory, pricing reference, and technical information for their BOM development and cost estimation. A supply chain program has also been set up for some of Etron’s HMLV projects to maximise their production flexibility while minimising inventory risk.


“In our supply chain, we are glad to have gained Digi-Key’s support by leveraging their wide product portfolio and superb services,” continued Chen. “Their NPI program has helped us with one of the fastest cycle times of sample build. The data sharing of their API connectivity is also a critical building block of our fast quote and BOM completion services. We believe we are ready for the next decade of business development.”


“Digi-Key is thrilled to see SuZhou Etron Technologies reaching a major milestone in its 16 years of company development,” said Tony Ng, general manager, Greater China & ASEAN at Digi-Key. “We are proud to have been providing services to SuZhou Etron that has demonstrated a fast and continuous growth of business as one of the most successful EMS providers in China. They have a continually growing customer base from all over the world and have been able to provide a wide range of services from engineering support, fast prototype builds, HMLV productions, to mass productions. We are also proud to have developed a strong partnership with their high-quality management team. We wish their continuous success in their space!”

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