Super Sabre Power Connector System for wide range of applications

Molex has introduced the Super Sabre Power Connector System for all high-current applications, where flexible wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations are required. Delivering 34.0A per blade and withstanding up to +125°C operating temperatures (USCAR-2, level 3), Super Sabre power connectors are equally well-suited to automotive and commercial vehicle applications as they are to the appliance, medical, datacom and industrial control industries.

“Design engineers are faced with the challenge of providing greater power requirements with less PCB-footprint,” said Michael Bean, global product manager, commercial products division at Molex. “Within this small envelope, available packaging options have been limited. In addition, components within these systems must be reliable and able to withstand rugged and high-temperature environments. Utilising proven and reliable Sabre Connector multi-beam technology, the Super Sabre Connector System helps solve these issues, providing 34.0A current per blade and withstanding +125°C operating temperatures.”

Optimised for 10 to 12 AWG wires, the Super Sabre Power Connector System accommodates both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations and is compatible with lead-free wave soldering and reflow soldering processes. Silver-plated, high-conductivity alloy terminals are used to minimise fretting corrosion concerns. The flat-blade terminal design with four independent points of electrical contact offers redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability. In addition, terminal design provides a more reliable electrical connection than other terminal styles.

The terminals are fully-isolated on both mating sides to ensure complete protection against damage or shorting. Positive latch and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) features prevent terminal backout. The optional UL1977 and UL60950 “Finger Test” certified blade meets safety requirements for many consumer applications.

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