Super Barrier Rectifier from Diodes helps to reduce charger size

A new 15A rated SBR15U50SP5 Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR) from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to meet the needs of next-generation smartphone and tablet chargers. Characterised by low forward voltage and low reverse leakage, this miniature SBR has been designed to tolerate the higher current pulses and operating temperatures of low-profile, discontinuous mode flyback charger designs.

Presenting a forward voltage of just 0.35 V for a current of 10A at an ambient temperature of +90ºC, the SBR15U50SP5 ensures that conduction losses are minimised, with the result that charger efficiency is increased. Its low reverse leakage at higher temperatures means that blocking mode losses are also reduced, removing the risk of thermal runaway and raising reliability.

The SBR’s electrical performance, combined with the low thermal resistance of the compact PowerDI-5 package, means that heat transfer has been optimised, enabling much smaller, thinner charger designs to be achieved. Diodes’ proprietary PowerDI-5 package occupies a maximum footprint of only 4.05mm x 6.60mm and has an off-board profile of just 1.15mm.


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