Suitable for air, land and marine applications – Ipeco’s 3U VPX power supplies now have integral ‘hold-up’

Ipeco Electronics has extended its 3U VPX range with the addition of an integral hold-up capability to its P47 and VITA 62 connector-fitted power supply units (PSUs).

Integral hold-up is of immense benefit to engineers designing space-constrained systems which must be able to tolerate brief losses of input power; but in which there is no room for separate hold-up cards/units. In addition, Ipeco’s P47 connector-fitted PSUs are now available with an integral current-limited fan supply output with EMC filter; also of great benefit to systems designers.

Ipeco’s 3U VPX PSUs accept steady state DC inputs, in the range 18 to 32V, and offer the following six DC outputs: 3.3, 5, -12 and 12V plus 3.3 and 12V auxiliaries; when fitted with a VITA 62 connector.

In addition to being subjected to Ipeco’s rigorous in-house verification processes, several of the company’s 3U VPX PSUs have also been through military customer integration and qualification programmes; proving their operational integrity and reliability in harsh environments. With the design IP resting firmly with Ipeco, and without ITAR restrictions, several PSUs are available as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) units.

For example, the P1324 3U VPX is available now as a COTS unit. Fitted with a P47 connector, the P1324 has three DC outputs – namely 3.3, 5 and 12V – and provides an overall continuous output power of 200W (when operating at 85oC wedge lock temperature). The unit, and an associated filter, meet the requirements of Def Stan 61-5 (part 6), including the survival of electrical equipment when subjected to a load dump of 174V for 350mS. Though designed for a tracked-vehicle, the P1324 is also suitable for aerospace and marine applications.

In other examples, Ipeco’s 3U VPX models P1340 and P1342 are in their qualification phases with customers.

The P1340, for example, is fitted with a P47 connector and has two regulated DC outputs (3.3 and 5V) plus a clean/filtered output that tracks the input voltage (18 to 32VDC). It provides an overall continuous output power of 241W (when operating at 85oC wedge lock temperature) and provides a maximum hold-up time of 50mS when running from its nominal input voltage of 28VDC. Though developed for a bespoke aerospace application, the P1340 is also suitable for land and marine applications.

Also in it qualification phase, is the P1342. Fitted with a VITA 62 connector it has six DC outputs (3.3, 5, -12 and 12V plus 3.3 and 12V auxiliaries) and provides an overall continuous output power of 230W (when operating at 85oC wedge lock temperature). The hold-up time is in excess of 40mS at 180W output power, which is available across its entire input range. It too was developed for an aerospace application but is suitable for use in land and marine applications.

Ipeco VPX PSUs operate through normal voltage transients for MIL-STD-704F and DO-160G. In addition, Ipeco can design off-the-shelf EMC filter solutions into the system rack, offering customers a complete solution that can meet radiated and conducted emissions compliance.

Ipeco Electronics also offers a range of ITAR-free 3U and 6U ATR systems in Short and Long chassis formats. Acceptable card formats for both chassis types are cPCI, VME and VPX.

Both the Short and Long systems can be supplied with any of the PSUs detailed above plus an integral backplane.

In addition, Ipeco Electronics’ chassis solutions are available with liquid cooling, to support higher power operation.

A selection of Ipeco Electronics’ power supply products will be on display at this year’s DSEI (15th to 18th September) on stand N10-451.


About Ipeco Electronics

Established in 1975 (as ‘Pulse Electronics’), Ipeco Electronics specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high-efficiency power systems for aerospace, defence, industrial, telecommunications and other demanding embedded applications.

The company is based in St. Neots, United Kingdom, and operates from its own 22,000ft2 facility. Its engineering capabilities include: electronic and mechanical design; PCB layout, production and test; system integration; and through-life product support. In addition, the company invests heavily in design and modelling tools, including those used for thermal and vibration modelling, and has in-house facilities for environmental evaluation and qualification, including preliminary EMC examinations.

Ipeco Electronics’ manufacturing department is configured to handle high-quality production runs, and the company’s continual investment in the latest SMT automated assembly and inspection equipment serves to optimise the manufacturing process to deliver consistent product.

The company’s Quality Control system provides full lifecycle traceability of product – from initial concept through design, development, manufacture, service and repair – and is suitable for the majority of aerospace, defence and telecommunications market applications.

Ipeco Electronics is registered to ISO BS EN 9001: 2008, enjoys preferred supplier status with a number of key industry leaders and is part of the substantial Ipeco Holdings Ltd group of specialised engineering companies.

For further information please email or phone +44 (0)1480 216516.

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