Stream Defence to demonstrate ManPAC, a solution to aid the readiness of the soldier for combat, at DSEI 2015

Based in London, Stream Defence has extensive experience in delivering HVAC solutions for the harshest conditions. Using Streams 26 year experience in delivering solutions within vehicle, marine and structural engineering constraints, Stream Defence will be showcasing ManPAC range.

ManPAC is a solution designed for personnel operating in a variety of extreme climates.

ManPAC brings thermally conditioned air directly to a body worn layer.

ManPAC delivers controlled cooled/heated air, and helps relieve heat stress and hypothermia.

Based upon feedback from MoD and industry at last year’s DVD show, Stream Defence has been working on further developments and has come up with the following:

–       ManPAC 2R4 – this is an efficient lightweight cooling unit for two mounted soldiers.

–       AirStream C1M – a cooled tactical vest to work with ManPAC in partnership with a clothing manufacturer.

–       ManPAC EOD – a fully self-contained lightweight single man backpack version with batteries.

–       CoolLayer 1M205 – a cooled blanket/layer for use with ManPAC for frontline heat stress trauma prevention in surgery and medical.

–       CoolBox M12DC – 12 litre carry on Bloods/Plasma tactical fridge prototype.

ManPAC has already has gained interest from ATDU, DSTL/QinetiQ and from a variety of industry, all with a view of integrating the solution into vehicles, seats and body armour/clothing and EOD suits.

Stream Defence will be at DSEI, stand N9-174 and will be happy meet, demonstrate and discuss the aforementioned and look to provide a ManPAC solution to meet your requirement.


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