STMicroelectronics unveils latest semiconductors for smarter embedded electronics

Designed for smart, connected embedded electronics for applications such as utility metering and renewable energy, STMicroelectronics has unveiled the STM32 F427 and F437 microcontrollers extending its STM32 F4 portfolio. These new device using the advanced ARM Cortex-M4 core combine the highest-performing version of this core with large Flash memory storage and extra SRAM enabling the running of richer applications, extra communication ports, enhanced security, and best-in-class power consumption.

These features have been combined to help speed up software design, enhance application performance, and maximize battery life.

“Sophisticated features and connectivity of our newest STM32 microcontrollers bring exceptional user experiences to everyday electronic products,” said Michel Buffa, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “We are already working with lead customers to design the extended STM32 F4 variants, which provide up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory, into applications such as smart meters, solar panel controllers, wireless modules, and personal medical monitors.”

With large on-chip Flash memory of 1 MByte or 2 Mbytes, the extended STM32 F4 devices will enable developers to create more feature-rich applications and accelerate project completion by programming with high-level languages such as Java, Microsoft .Net or uClinux. Using high-level languages also allows embedded-system developers to take advantage of software advances for desktop applications. All of the extended 1 MByte and 2 MByte variants have 256 KByte SRAM, allowing designs using current devices with 1 MByte Flash and up to 192 Kbyte SRAM to move easily onto a microcontroller with higher SRAM if required.

The STM32 F437 series provides enhanced security to protect the product developer’s intellectual property (IP) and end-user data against unauthorised access or tampering. With additional industry-standard security algorithms now included in the cryptographic and hash co-processor, these devices support MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 secure hash algorithms, AES GCM (Advanced Encryption Standard Galois/Counter Mode), and CCM (Combined Cipher Machine).


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