STMicroelectronics develops longer-lasting EEPROMs

STMicroelectronics has unveiled its latest EEPROM family guaranteeing endurance of up to 4 million erase/write cycles and giving designers extra freedom to update stored data more frequently and extend system lifetime, even at high temperatures. The advanced CMOSF8H 0.15 µm process is key to the EEPROM’s enhanced endurance.

Devices are available in industrial or automotive-qualified variants with specified endurance of 4 million cycles per byte at 25°C, and 400,000 cycles per byte at 150°C. Total device endurance is characterised at 1,000 million cycles, and specified data retention is 200 years at 55°C.

The extended cycling performance and longer data retention simplify design by allowing storage of frequently updated data as well as slow-changing parameters, avoiding memory-hungry strategies for extending the lifetime of standard EEPROMs. In addition, the total endurance allows use in applications such as automotive or medical systems that must update key parameters frequently as environmental conditions change (data-logging).


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