Stay connected with Hylec-APL’s compact IP68 solutions

Hylec-APL specialises in supplying components for the electrical and electronics industries which simplify installation procedures and improve reliability. Its weatherproof range of connectors is the perfect example of this service, offering a number of components rated up to IP68 which are compact, reliable and easy to install. Its new micro range of TEEPLUG and TEETUBE offer IP68 protection with a diameter no larger than a one pound coin.

To watch the video about the mini-TEEPLUG and mini-TEETUBE click here.

The compact, waterproof plug and socket connectors and in-line connectors boast diameters of just 23mm and lengths of 85mm and 68mm respectively. They each incorporate an innovative design that sees the terminal block forming part of the external housing. The cable is inserted through the dome top gland nuts at each end of the connector and the conductors screwed securely into the terminal block. An IP68 seal is then formed using the dome topped cable glands which form the entry points of the connector.

In the case of the mini-TEEPLUG, to ensure absolute safety during use, the earth pole is the first to make contact between the male and female end which allows installers to use the product with absolute confidence in the field. Accessories including dust caps for the female end and chassis/panel mount options are available upon request.

The mini-TEETUBE is available in 2, 3 or 4 pole options and can be supplied with a quick installation, wire piercing screw terminal block which makes it possible to secure the connection to IP68 standards in less than a minute. A mounting clip is also available for secure positioning of the installed product.

Hylec-APL specialises in specification support, to ensure that every customer orders the perfect components for the job. For further information on the mini-TEEPLUG and mini-TEETUBE, or for advice on the best weatherproof component for your application, contact a member of the Hylec-APL sales team.


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