State-of-the-Art Modular Building Blocks Accelerate RF and Microwave Design

To be competitive in 5G, Satcom, and defense electronics, new systems must be brought to market faster and more efficiently – maximizing first pass design success.

While simulation has transformed the early stages of the design process, little has changed over the last 3 decades in the physical process of characterizing components, prototyping systems, and integrating designs for production. The industry’s rapid adoption of modular design is a game changer, allowing a seamless design flow from prototype to production, reducing design risk and accelerating time to market.

X-Microwave introduced the X-MWblocks® modular design system in 2015 pioneering a new modular approach for RF and Microwave design. They offer modular drop-in components featuring both surface mount and bare DIE devices from the industry’s leading MMIC manufactures. The X-Microwave web catalog and interactive online tools enable self-service component selection, system design and mechanical layout with real-time pricing estimates. Following a 5 step process, any RF and Microwave engineer can take advantage of this innovative new design flow.

X-MWblock Based Design Flow

  1. Component Selection

X-MWblock drop-in components feature surface mount and bare DIE devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers. S-parameters and Sys-Parameter models are available allowing direct comparison of thousands of MMICs.









  1. Design and Simulation

Cascade any number of X-MWblock drop-in components to design your own system. Free on-line layout and cascade tools allow you to build up the assembly virtually and evaluate electro-mechanical design trade-offs early in the design process.

  1. Rapid Prototyping

Build your cascade on the X-Microwave Prototyping Plate. Characterize individual components and then connect them together to analyze full system performance. The X-MWprobe, solderless interconnect and matched bias circuitry enable quick design iterations.







  1. Integration

Request a fully integrated cascade from X-Microwave that combines individual X-MWblocks into a single PCB. Maintaining the same mechanical footprint as the prototype maximizes your chances of first past design success as you move to production.

  1. Production

X-Microwave is your design and manufacturing partner for quantity 1 to 1000’s. They typically build low volume first article and pre-production quantities using individual X-MWblocks and transition to combined boards for production quantities above 10.

To get stared today visit Castle Microwave is your official source for X-MWblock drop-in components and connectorized modules in the UK. Visit to learn more.

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