Standex Electronics announces SHV Relay

Potted SIL High Voltage Relay Changes into an Improved Molded SIL HV Version

Standex Electronics, a manufacturer of reliable potted SIL-High Voltage relays, announces a newly improved molded SIL-HV version that is smaller and more compact. It features an internal magnetic shield that is ideal for a high-density board assembly. Having a high-breakdown (hold off) voltage of 4kVDC and a typical contact resistance of 150 mOhm allows for the best condition for high voltage test and measurement applications.

Other improvements include a high-voltage and high-power switching capability of 100 W/1000 VDC / 1 A, breakdown voltage and dielectric strength up to 4 kVDC, pulsed carry-current up to 2.5 A, an optional suppression diode, and better washability resistance and rating.

The enhancements made to the SIL-HV relay provides improved durability within humid environments. The insulation resistance has the ability to serve applications of up to 10 TOhm between coil and contact. This relay’s updated compact molded packaging design also delivers better resistance for high demand applications. Especially vital when used with an eco-friendly aqueous cleaning solution with subsequent drying after the soldering process, the SIL-HV relay is RoHS compliant and is currently in the process of being UL listed.


For further information, please contact

Werner Ludes, Head of Marketing EMEA

Phone +49 (0) 7731 8399 64

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