Stadium IGT LED backlit capacitive switch module for OEM designers

Specialist Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions providers Stadium IGT, are now offering OEM control panel designers the opportunity to design-in their market leading range of LED Backlit Capacitive Switch Modules in component form for the first time. This technology is usually only available as part of a custom design package. The switches feature Stadium IGT’s innovative method of combining the benefits of capacitive switching with multi-colour area-specific backlighting.

Available in 20mm and 35mm diameter versions the capacitive switch modules are suitable for mounting into panel thicknesses of up to 7mm and 11mm respectively. The full RGB LED illumination provides a high brightness user touch area with unmatched uniformity of Illumination. The solid state switch design has a non-latching output of 40mA maximum operating from a supply voltage of 6VDC to 28VDC. The 35mm version offers designers adjustable low, medium and high touch sensitivity to suit the application. The operating temperature of the switch modules is 0° to 50°C

Commenting Terry Moss, Sales and Marketing Director of Stadium IGT, said, “Our patented thin-film LED backlighting is a major selling point for our custom designed capacitive switch based control panels. We recognise that for smaller projects a custom panel may not be appropriate and therefore have developed these stand-alone products for our customers to integrate into their own designs. These new, off the shelf standard backlit switching solutions, also offer panel designers a means to prototype and evaluate HMI designs without the need to develop custom capacitive sensors and backlighting.”

Stadium IGT is a leading manufacturer of bespoke control and status panels for many diverse applications including; professional audio and broadcast equipment, industrial systems, safety and alarm panels, marine monitoring equipment, defence, agriculture and building services and automation.

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