Space saving dual USB socket fits in a single XLR shell

CLIFF Electronics has introduced a Dual USB2 connector which provides two fully USB compliant sockets in a panel space-saving single XLR receptacle. USB connection to audio, broadcast, AV (audio-visual) products, instrumentation and industrial equipment is becoming more common as digital signal and control options increase and more information needs to be transferred between portable equipment, smart phones, tablets etc. which can also be charged while connected.

The two USB2 sockets provide isolated and independent output connection to two rows of 5 x 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch signal output pins configured to facilitate either direct soldered PCB mounting or connection by header cable. Cliff Electronics are happy to provide customers with standard or custom designed header cables to meet individual system requirements.

The XLR connector style body shell was selected by Cliff as it is widely used in the audio/broadcast industries, is an industry standard panel cut-out and offers maximum panel mounting density to system designers.

Commenting John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, said; “We have been supplying professional connectors into the music and audio industries for around 50 years. Our new Dual USB Socket is the first in product from our new development programme which will include a series of USB, Ethernet and other data connectors, primarily in XLR and other industry standard shells. We welcome enquiries for customised data signal connector variants to suit end users applications.”


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