Solutions for sealed slimline connectors

Advances in modern microelectronics are vital to the latest generation of miniaturised devices.  Microprocessors, memory devices and batteries are smaller than ever before. The size and capabilities of modern microprocessors are allowing miniaturised devices to deliver performance that would have required far larger machines. To take advantage of this new technology, designers need small and highly capable connectors to provide them with an interface to the outside world.

The Snap-In range of miniature circular connectors from binder provides solutions for a wide range of industries. Modern electronic design has combined with the latest high-speed communication offered by 5G technology to create a demand for small connectors that can work in tough conditions. The Internet of Things (IoT) and its industrial equivalent, sometimes known as Industry 4.0, employs a huge array of devices that are using both wired and wireless communication to share information. The binder range delivers a range of features to provide solutions in these demanding applications.

New Applications, New Environments

Due to their smaller size, this new generation of connected systems can be installed in remote locations that were never possible before.  From LED architectural lighting and smart agriculture to instrumentation and data logging, sophisticated electronics in small packages are being used in harsh environments.

The Snap-In range of circular connectors from binder features a slimline design that is ideal for the latest generation of miniaturised devices.  The range comprises the miniature 720 series with an overall diameter of 16mm, and the subminiature 620 series with a diameter of just 11.5mm

Connected devices are also finding new uses in critical areas. Designers in the medical industry are taking advantage of miniaturised technology, creating solutions that are allowing patients carry on their daily lives, even while they are being provided with medical care.  When combined with developments in treatment technology such as nebulisers, insulin delivery systems and even ventilators, patients can receive life-saving care in the hospital or the comfort of their own homes.

For these critical care applications, the Snap-In range offers impressive performance.  The connectors are capable of more than 500 mating cycles, delivering reliability even in frequently used equipment.

Connecting In Harsh Conditions

Unlike almost every other component in the electronics industry, connectors must be able to withstand the external environment. Affixed to the outside of equipment, they are exposed to changes of temperature, dust and dirt, along with water and other contaminants. Despite this, they must be easy to use, and capable of providing secure connections.

The binder 620 and 720 series are sealed to IP67, making them ideal for the tough conditions of the factory floor or the outdoor environment.  The snap-in locking mechanism provides secure connection when mated, and the ergonomic shape of the body makes it ideal for use in smaller devices.

Versatility for Small Devices

To provide a solution for the latest equipment, the engineer needs to select a connector that offers the right combination of small size, environmental protection, and cost-effective design.  The Snap-In range is versatile, available in configurations between 3 and 8 poles for the 620 series, and up to 12 poles for the 720 series.  The gold-plated brass contacts of the 720 series can deliver mains voltages.

The body of the Snap-In range is designed for easy assembly and is fitted with solder contacts.  It is available in cable- and panel-mounting options and can also be supplied with dip solder for printed circuit board (PCB) mounting.

The polyamide connector shells can be colour-coded to provide clear visual identification which prevents mis-mating when several connectors are used together.  The body can also be moulded in RAL 9002 grey-white for medical applications.

Electronic equipment that is designed for use in harsh environments must be able to withstand the elements, and connectors play an enormous role.  Many applications require IP67 protection but cannot use the bulky solutions of screw locking connectors or the high cost of push-pull types.  The Snap-In range of circular connectors from binder combines reliability and protection with a range of useful features, all in a highly competitive package.


About the author:

David Phillips has been the managing director of binder UK since it was established in 2009. In January 2022 David Phillips was also appointed as international sales director and is now responsible for the nine binder group offices worldwide. An experienced sales and marketing professional of 30 years he’s spent the last 20 years in the connector industry. Prior to binder he was the sales director for an independent distributor. He says “binder is focused on markets which require high-performance, high-quality interconnection solutions”.

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