Solid State Supplies are hosting 2 FREE Power LED Seminars in association with LED Engin, Inc & OSRAM

Bringing industry experts together to discuss the integration of high power LED systems, LED specification, optics, PCB and thermal considerations, and power circuits.


The focus of this workshop is around High Brightness SMT packages (3W-300W) in single and multi-channel applications. Relevant application areas would be Architectural, CCTV and Security, Chemical Analysis, Diagnostics, Entertainment and Stage Lighting, Licence Plate Recognition, Medical Illumination, Medical Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, UV Curing, Vehicle Lighting, and Machine Vision.

The workshop will explain relevant technical and commercial details for available LEDs, heat sinks, optics, driver ICs, PCBs. Further, it will be explained how bespoke solutions can be obtained in these categories.

Participants can discuss their own project, which we can help to design.

The workshop is free-of-charge, and attendees will be provided with refreshments and lunch during the day.  Free WiFi access, stationery and training material will be provided.

Dates & Location:

Tuesday 21st May

Slough (Osram UK Ltd*)

Wednesday 22nd May

Redditch (Solid State Supplies Ltd)

Sign up for FREE at

*May be subject to change – should we need to change the venue we will ensure that the new venue is within reasonable distance to the original venue.

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